Otis Elevator Company

has been safely and

efficiently moving people

for 150 years.

Otis is the world’s largest

manufacturer of elevators,

escalators, moving walks

and people movers.

With 1.2 million installations,

61,000 employees, and

operations in more than

200 countries,it’s safe to

say that the world rides

on Otis Elevator Company.

The word escalator was coined

by combining the Latin word for

steps —“scala”—with the word


The term remained a registered

trademark of the company until

1950, when the U.S. Patent Office

ruled it was in the public domain

since escalator had become

the generic name for a

moving stairway.

In one earlier design, as the moving steps reached the upper landing,

they disappeared under a “V” shunt. The purpose of the shunt was

to literally shove passengers off the stairs and onto the landing. This

required them to take an awkward sidestep with one foot while the

other foot was still traveling forward. This called for considerable concentration and coordination on the part of the passengers—a difficult enough feat at the best of times, much less when one was burdened with parcels or attending small children.

Another alternative was a system that employed a series of comblike

prongs that lifted the passengers’ feet off the treads when they

reached the top. The prongs were designed to mesh with the tread

cleats at the end of the ascending and descending runs. This was an

improvement over the awkward “V” shunt system, but the 30–40 cm

(12-16 in) prongs still posed a hazard. Passengers were tempted to

leap over the approaching prongs rather than risk being scooped off.

Neither the awkward “V” shunt system nor the pronged-comb solution was practical for the majority of users.

Otis solved the problem of the transition point by combining the

moving tread with a much safer comb and cleat design that reduced

the prongs to a safer, tapered length. At this point, escalator sales

began their steady climb. In its first year with the newly designed

escalator, Otis sold more units than it had in the previous 20 combined.

Its time had finally come.

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